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Urological Associates has 10 physicians 

that specialize in urology (conditions and diseases of the male and female urinary systems and the male reproductive system).   We provide services to pediatrics through senior adults.

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For several months now, Urological Associates has been using QueueDr - a software technology that reads our Greenway patient appointment scheduling system.  Whenever a patient cancels an appointment, QueueDr sends out text messages to others that have appointments with that same doctor but further out on the calendar. 

The text message alerts these other patients that an 'earlier appointment ' has become available and it allows for a return text if the patient prefers to accept the 'earlier' appointment.  The first patient to respond to the text message, is booked in the appointment slot automatically using the QueueDr software and others are notified that they were not able to secure the slot.  

We have found that with this new system, patients are being seen by the doctor faster and most love it!  If any patient prefers NOT to be included in the text offering of earlier appointments, we are happy to place their cell number on QueueDr's exclusion list so they are not contacted via text when earlier appointments become available.  

Year to date, QueueDr has allowed us to fill open appointment slots in 7 minutes from them opening up and our average wait time skipped by the patient is running at an impressive 17 days.  Just another way we are using technology to improve on how we are serving our patients.

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Debbie Usher retired from UAS on 5/4/2018 after 29 years of devoted service.  The physicians and staff held an evening  reception to

Getting Patients Seen Faster with QueueDr

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applaud and recognize her many contributions over the years.  Friends and family were also in attendance to celebrate with us.  We are all going to miss Debbie very much but realize she's so deserving of a healthy and happy retirement.  Here's to you!